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Unity Editor Extention

Before the Unity game engine introduced the Mecanim animation system, there was a large gap in it’s abilities when it came to handling and blending various animations together. Because of demands of projects and my own interest, my Animation Tree system was born.

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This project started as a personal project that I created out of my own interest, but later became adopted into a large number of Tasty Poison Games projects (including Neon Shadow, Dig!, Putter King, Rhino Raid). Development continued on it through each project it was used in until the studio eventually adopted Mecanim for the Tom Sparks project. It still gets developed when updates and ports of those games are done and has been used in some of my personal and freelance projects.

The tool enables the user to set up complex animation interations and blends in a visual environment making it much easier to visualise, keep track of and manage the animations. It provides real-time animation tree editing and debugging and also has a finite state machine built in to provide control over animation states and transitions between these states.



Platforms Worked On

iOS, Android, Ouya


Personal Project
Tasty Poison Games

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