Curriculum Vitae

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Technical Expertise

Languages: (C#, C++, and others...)

Most of my professional experience is in C# and C++, but have experience in many more and am able to pick up others if and when I need them.

  • C#
  • C++/Visual C++
  • LUA
  • Actionscript (Flash)
  • Java
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Turbo Pascal/Delphi
  • Basic/Visual Basic
  • VBScript
  • SQL

Engines and technologies: (Unity, XNA and others...)

In recent years I have done most of my work in the Unity 3D game engine, but have used other technologies in the past in my professional and personal endeavors including writing my own engines in OpenGL and DirectX and working with companies’ proprietary engines.

  • Unity 3D (Used primarily since 2011)
  • XNA
  • Flash
  • DirectX
  • OpenGL
  • OGRE

Tools: (Software, Source Control, Operating Systems)

Software Packages:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE)
  • Monodevelop (IDE)
  • XCode (IDE)
  • Adobe Audition (Audio Editing)
  • Photoshop (Image Manipulation)
  • 3D Studio Max (3D Modelling)
  • Dreamweaver (Web design)
  • Microsoft Office
  • and many more…

Source Control:

  • Git
  • SVN
  • Perforce

Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • MS DOS

Work Experience

Freelance Game Developer (2013 - Now) - Programmer

I have been freelancing for a while now and have found it to be a fun and interesting way to make games.


01/12/2013 – Now


Helping clients to design and create  games, finish projects, implement features, polish and bug fixing and whatever else is needed to complete the project.


  • Kitty Powers’ Love Life (Town/Relationship Simulation) – (PC, iOS, Android)
  • Various Games for Neutral Digital – (iOS, Android)
  • Chicken Pox (Puzzle/Racing Game) – (iOS, Android)
  • Hydra Project (Turn based multiplayer API)
  • Striker FC (Soccer Game) – (iOS, Android, Ouya)

Tasty Poison Games (2011 - 2014) - Lead Programmer

Tasty Poison Games is a small indie studio in Cape Town, South Africa. They make games for clients and also produce in-house projects, specializing in Unity game development.


01/06/2011 – 01/07/2014


Leading the programming team, programming games, developing and architecting the shared code-base, game design, project management, producer, audio editing.


  • Pocket RPG (PS Vita)
  • Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin (PC)
  • Pocket RPG (OUYA)
  • Dig! (OUYA)
  • Neon Shadow (iOS, Android, OUYA)
  • Dig! (iOS, Android)
  • Putter King (iOS, Android)
  • Animation Blend Tree system
  • Various other smaller/cancelled projects including a hoverboard racing game and a platformer.

Relentless Software (2009 - 2011) - Gameplay Programmer

Relentless Software is a game development studio based in Brighton, UK. They were a second party developer for Sony for a long period of time and are best known for their Buzz! quiz game franchise on the Sony consoles.


12/01/2009 – 01/06/2011


Implementing gameplay and other features in the studio’s games, mainly focusing on their PS3 franchises. Maintaining the code-base. Fixing bugs that crop up during QA testing.


  • Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz
  • Buzz! Quiz World
  • Buzz! Quiz World Facebook Patch
  • Adventure game prototype
  • Networked quiz game prototype for iOS

Mann Made Game (2007 - 2008) - Lead Programmer

Mann Made Games was a game development department started by Mann Made Media in Johannesburg, South Africa. They focused on making internet based advert games for clients.


14/02/2007 – 01/08/2007


Programming the games and leading small teams in the creation of game content for most of the games in the studio; game design. Games were made to be a part of the clients’ advertising campaigns and mainly launched on the internet.


Flash Games:

Sally Williams Game (matching game), Life Stories Game (memory game), Battle Story Dragoon (top down tank shooter game), Rocket Commander  & Teazers’ Don’t Spank the Monkey (avoidance game), Township Marbles (bejewelled type game), Nandos Game (side scrolling racing game), Erosion (tetris clone)

C# (XNA)

Powerplay – Exam Time (side scrolling platformer)

Genesis Concepts (2005 - 2007) - Programmer


01/02/2005 – 01/02/2007


I was responsible for maintaining and adding new features to a 2D architectural software package in C++.


  • Genes1s


  • Some experience at Dimension Data as a network technician
  • Some experience at Thoroughtec as a data capturer


B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science (Rhodes University, 2004)
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Systems (Rhodes University, 2003)

First Year Averages:

  • Computer Science (79%)
  • Logic (84%)
  • Statistics (70%)
  • Physics (Electronics) (60%)

Second Year Averages:

  • Computer Science (73%)
  • Information Systems (60%)

Third Year Averages:

  • Computer Science (74%)
  • Information Systems (60%)

IEB Matric Certification (Thomas More College, 1999)


  •           Computer Studies     *HG   A
  •           Mathematics                HG   A
  •           Physical Science         HG   C
  •           English                          HG   C
  •           Afrikaans                      HG   D
  •           Business Economics   HG   D

*HG – Higher Grade


  • 1st Team Squash
  • Squash Colours
  • Headmaster’s Commendation for majority of High School years