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Arcade Strategy

A homage to the 80’s arcade game QiX, you play the role of a not so great archaeologist working for a failing museum. You must collect artifacts to save your job, unfortunately you are also cursed by a mummy.

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Out of a desire to create a homage to the arcade game Qix, Dig! was born. We took the mechanic of drawing lines to cut out an area and ran with it… and ending up with an archaeologist digging up his back yard, uncovering treasures, finding tons of enemies, using power ups and buying hats.

I lead the programming team, coordinated the various other teams, managed the project, headed up design and created sound effects.

Please visit the website for more information about the game.


Lead programmer, designer, project manager and audio.

Platforms Worked On

iOS, Android, Ouya

PS Vita (In Progress)


Tasty Poison Games




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