Kitty Powers’ Love Life

May 15, 2017   //   by Gavin Hayler   //   Magic Notion, Portfolio  //  No Comments

Town/Relationship Simulation

Kitty Powers’ Love Life is a tongue-in-cheek look at relationships mixed with a town simulation and a healthy dose of British humour.

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Kitty Powers’ Love Life is the second in a series of games featuring Kitty Powers, the first being Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker.¬†This game picks up where Matchmaker left off, challenging the player to ‘take the helm’ one of Kitty’s ‘Love Towns’ where couples can apply to live, and have their relationship nurtured to fruition by a full time therapist… YOU!

I was one of two programmers on the project tackling every aspect of the game development from the relationship, schedule and problem simulation, to the game map visuals and other elements, to mini games, UI and sound.



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