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This is just a collection of random things that I’ve worked on on my own that don’t require a full page of their own.


Adventure Game Engine

An engine and framework to allow rapid development of point and click adventure games by using a combination of C++ and Lua, and path-finding, animated sprites, UI functionality and the ability to edit scenes on the fly.

Cross Platform 2D Engine

A 2D engine that was architected and written with the goal of handling and abstracting the challenges of cross platform development away from the game code.

2D Animation Tool

A tool to allow the user to define animations by drawing a selection box around sprite cells in a sprite sheet and grouping the various cells together to form an animation. These animation definitions are then exported and used by a 2D engine to play sprite animations in a game.

3D Engine

A 3D engine written in C++ and DirectX showing off a number of technologies, such as: bump mapping, shadows, shaders, specular lighting, lens flares, particle effects, dynamic lighting, collision detection and more.

3DSMax Model Exporter

An exporter plug-in for 3DSMax, which exports the models vert and texture data out into my own custom binary file format.

Casual Flash Games

Several different casual games developed in Flash actionscript.

Cloth Dynamics and Collision Detection Simulation

Honours Project. A 3D simulation using OpenGL as the renderer, and VC++ as the language. Simulates the movement of cloth in a virtual environment. Able to perform both real-time and offline rendering using different integration algorithms.


A DirectDraw Tetris clone. Different shapes fall down from the top of the screen and the player has to manoeuvre the shapes so that they fit together and form complete lines.

Rolling OpenGL Demo

An automated 3D demo, where the camera moves along a fixed path to show off the environment, textures and special effects. Programmed in C under Linux. 3D Environment model created by me. This was done as part of my Honours coursework.


An application to merge multiple bitmaps into one file for the purpose of sprite animation. IE: Multiple pictures drawn in succession so as to create the illusion of movement.


A residence management system, used to keep track of student, residence, hall and room details. Also produces reports of desired details and prints them out. Search and backup/restore facilities and user accounts.

Joan of Arc

A 3D modelling project using 3D Studio Max. Complete avatar created with accompanying sword.

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